“I love the moment when a bride finds her gown. It’s so much more than just feeling beautiful. She’s holding back tears, but she’s not crying because she’s found a beautiful dress, she’s crying because she has just placed herself in the very moment she will join her life with another human that she has chosen to live next to for better or for worse. She’s all at once catapulted into that moment, surrounded by love and so many people with support for her, for them both.

The emotion of the moment is surfacing from the realization of hope, of promise, of joy. And we get to stand right next to her when she is transported there. I encourage brides to stay there for a moment. Be present in that joy and hope. THIS is the emotion you’ll cling to in the tough times, the challenges, the losses. The memory you can access when you need to remember why you chose them.
Harder time are inevitable, but the joy and hope of this moment is pure magic. And I’m so grateful that we get to be present with our brides while they experience that moment every day.

People ask me every day “How will I know when it’s the dress?”
My response is always, “You’ll feel it.”

Emily calls kansas city home, With her husband and four children. when she’s not home chasing chickens or harvesting produce from their garden, you can find her running the show at our flagship, emily hart bridal.

She is passionate about celebrating every day joys, her husband’s incredible cooking, and always always always being kind.